Maximize your efficiency and minimize your cost by choosing Chery ACTECO brand powertrain products. We, a specialist engine/transmission manufacturer in China, are committed to development, manufacture and sales of ACTECO brand engines and Transmissions. Our first-rate fuel economy engines including petrol engine and diesel engine and all kinds of vehicle transmissions are produced with state-of-the-art technologies and expertise. The range of displacement from 0.6L to 2.0L and power from 24kw to 115kw are what Chery engines offer you.

Chery Automobile CO., Ltd. is founded in 1997, which is mainly engaged in the research, manufacture and marketing of vehicle, engine and transmission products. Chery engine products include gasoline, diesel and flexible fuel engines. The displacement range is from 0.6L to 2.0L and the power range is from 24kw to 115kw. Chery transmission products cover MT/AT/CVT and the torque range is from 90Nm to 250Nm. Chery powertrains are widely used in many applications, such as automobiles, general aviation, off-road vehicles, generators and so on.

72 Series Gasoline Engine (26kw-59kw)
71 Series Gasoline Engine (51kw-85kw)
477 Series Gasoline Engine (78kw-80kw)
481/484 Series Gasoline Engine (97kw-125kw)
E Series Gasoline Engine (83kw-115kw)
F Series Gasoline Engine (100kw-140kw)
Diesel Engine

Engine displacement of diesel engine is 1.0 L, and the power is 46kW. When coupled with Chery's manual transmission, it could be installed on diverse mini vehicles. 1.0L displacement, transistor controlled ignition (TCI), slant type, inline 4-cylinder (type L4), double overhead camshaft (DOHC), 12 valves, common rail and exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system.

Manual Transmission
Automatic Transmission

Automatic gearbox, also call automatic transmission has becoming increasingly popular in motor vehicle applications in that it can free the driver from having to shift gears manually. In today's auto market, vehicles with diversified automatic car gearboxes are all over the place, confusing drivers. A high performance automatic transmission with large torque attracts drivers the most. CHERY provides two types of automatic gearboxes with different torque performance. Welcome to know more details on our pages.

Continuously Variable Transmission