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Engine Manufacturing
Development capacity for combustion system
  • Single cylinder optical research engineSingle cylinder optical research engine
  • Salt spray chamberSalt spray chamber
  • Air flow benchAir flow bench
  • Laser measuring equipmentLaser measuring equipment
  • Fiber optic sensorFiber optic sensor

Optical engine testing
  • Fuel dilutionFuel dilution
  • Fuel dilutionFuel dilution
  • Flame of sootFlame of soot
  • Flame of sootFlame of soot

Salt spray simulation
  • Salt spray testSalt spray test
  • Salt spray testSalt spray test
  • Salt spray simulationSalt spray simulation
  • Salt spray simulationSalt spray simulation

Air flow field analysis
  • Air flow field analysis

Chery has matured NVH development capacity and a complete set of engine NVH development system, allowing engine good performance in NVH.
  • Semi-anechoic chamberSemi-anechoic chamber
  • NVH development capacity ① NVH simulation
    ② Testing in semi-anechoic chamber
    ③ Vibration testing
    ④ Powertrain & Vehicle NVH calibration
    ⑤ Near-field noise source identification
  • Artificial head measurement system from HEAD ACOUSTICSArtificial head measurement system from HEAD ACOUSTICS
  • Torsional vibration testing from BBM (16&32 channel)Torsional vibration testing from BBM (16&32 channel)
  • Vehicle tracking and speed measurement system (VTSM)Vehicle tracking and speed measurement system (VTSM) (rotary rate: 6, simulated channel: 8)
  • Acoustic cameraAcoustic camera
  • LMS testing system (channel: 8&24&40)LMS testing system (channel: 8&24&40)

1. Accumulation of vibration and noise, modal testing, vibration mode analysis, TPA (transfer path analysis)
2. Precise quantitative analysis for the combustion noise of engine
3. Near-field and far-field acoustical holographic testing for precise identification of noise source

Technologies related to electronic control system

Developed throttle system
CEMS 1.0: 4-cylinder gasoline engine
CEMS 2.0: 3-cylinder gasoline engine
CEMS 2.1: 3-cylinder non-road engine (KHI)
CEMS 3.0: 4-cylinder CNG (compressed natural gas) system
CEMS 5.0: 4-cylinder start-stop system for gasoline engine

Developing electronic throttle control system (Double vvt & port de-activation valve)
CEMS E1.0 : 4-cylinder gasoline engine
CEMS E1.001: 4-cylinder gasoline engine for extended-range electric vehicle

Developing throttle system
CEMS 7.0: 2-cylinder gasoline engine

Electronic throttle control system will be started within 2 to 5 years
CEMS G1.0: 4-cylinder gasoline engine
CEMS G2.0: 3-cylinder gasoline engine

Basic calibration tools
  • ES630 air/fuel ratio gaugeES630 air/fuel ratio gauge
  • Knock calibrating equipment Knock calibrating equipment
  • Misfire generator Misfire generator
  • Oxygen sensor simulator Oxygen sensor simulator
  • ECU event data recorderECU event data recorder
Self-calibrated parts and adjustment intervals
  • Engine benchEngine bench
  • Low-temperature rotating drumLow-temperature rotating drum
    Min. Temperature: -40℃
    2-drive or 4-drive
  • Misfire generator High-temperature rotating drum
    Max. Temperature: +60℃
    2-drive or 4-drive
  • Oxygen sensor simulator Discharging rotating drum
    Room temperature or low temperature
    2-drive or 4-drive

Allocation period for brand new engine or brand new vehicle: 19.5~26.5 months
Periods of engine's batch production or vehicle's remodeling: 12~18 month
Above time could be adjusted according to different configuration, requirements and risk grade.

Facilities for testing and trial-production
Advanced testing equipment and dedicated trial-production workshop
  • Engine batch testing roomEngine batch testing room
  • Rotary drum testing roomRotary drum testing room
  • Trail-production workshopTrail-production workshop

Testing facilities
Engine bench testing room (50-660kW)
Semi-acoustic chamber
Air flow bench
Valve train
Testing room for optical engine
Testing room for high-, low- and room temperature rotating drum
Dedicated trail-production room

Testing projects
Development and calibration testing for thermodynamic
Performance testing
Reliability testing
Semi-acoustics NVH testing
Air-flow testing
Dynamic testing for valve train
Optical engine testing
Rotating drum testing for the vehicle
Trail-production for component

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