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Transmission electronic control system development

Controlling strategy development
• Standard procedures of model development
• Simulation testing capacity for control algorithm (MIL, HIL)
• Source code generation and script editing

Embedded system development
• TCU underlying software development
• TCU software generation and version control
• Rapid prototyping and the design of hard-and software
• The design and development for diverse electronic devices

• Calibrating capacity for engine bench and vehicles
• After-sales data's refreshing and technical support
• Independently delivering diverse environmental testing

Trail-manufacturing capacity
  • 4-axis horizontal machining center 4-axis horizontal machining center
  • Electron-beam welding equipmentElectron-beam welding equipment
  • Wire cuttingWire cutting
  • 6-axis CNC gear hobbing machine 6-axis CNC gear hobbing machine
  • CNC gear shaperCNC gear shaper
  • CNC gear cutterCNC gear cutter

Chery is equipped with various sets of trail-manufacturing machines, allowing trail-production for workpiece samples, such as the transmission's shell, valve, axis, gears, rotating drums and etc.

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