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1.6L TCI Gasoline Engine

1.6L TCI Gasoline Engine

The 1.6L TCI gasoline engine is an excellent inline-four engine developed by CHERY. It matches perfectly with Chery Qoros 3. Employing TCI, DVVT and silent chain technologies, this vehicle engine can realize large torque at low speed and large power at high speed, greatly improving working efficiency while reducing fuel consumption.

Technical Parameters of 1.6L TCI Gasoline Engine
Code SQRE4T16
Model 1.6 TCI
Fuel Gasoline
Type L4, DOHC, TCI, 16 Valves, Timing Silent Chain, DVVT,
Displacement (L) 1.598
Bore × Stroke (mm) 77×85.8
Compression Ratio 9.5
Rated Power (kW/rpm) 115/5500(156.5hp)
Max. Torque (Nm/rpm) 210/2500
Specific Power(kW/L) 72.0
Overall Dimensions L×W×H(mm) 617×622×652
Weight(kg) 136 (DIN 70020)
Emission Standard Euro V

Outstanding Technologies of 1.6L TCI Gasoline Engine
1. TCI

Thanks to TCI technology-turbo charge inter cooling, intake air density of this gasoline engine can be greatly increased, thus improving power performance and fuel economy. Compared with the same displacement NA engine, engine performance is increased by about 40%. Then, low fuel consumption but large power can be enjoyed at the same time.

The 1.6L TCI gasoline engine is designed with DVVT system which can separately adjust intake and exhaust camshafts according to different needs for phase position at different speed and load, consequently maximizing engine performance at every speed. Through dual variable valves timing, higher power performance and fuel economy as well as low emission can be achieved at all range of speed.

3. Timing Silent Chain
The turbo engine comes with timing silent chain for driving air intake and exhaust camshafts. The silent chain boasts reliable transmission, great durability, small space usage and consistent tension. Additionally, mounted inside, it is free from maintenance, thus largely reducing cost for users.

4. Split Type Cylinder Block and Frame
The 1.6L TCI gasoline engine features a liner-free cast iron cylinder block and cast aluminum frame. Split type structure ensures great NVH performance, furthest reducing engine weight while preserving strength. That will bring strong power but low fuel consumption to the driver.

5. Overhead Ignition Coil
The car engine is designed with overhead ignition coil. This type of ignition device can reduce energy loss and thereby effectively improve engine stability and power performance. It is also electromagnetic interference resistant, keeping drivers free from worries.

6. Integrated Design for Components
The components and parts of our 1.6L TCI gasoline engine feature maximum integrated design. For instance, the plastic valve case cover and crankcase ventilation system as well as water pump, oil cooler and filter are designed integrally. This design can effectively reduce engine's volume and weight, making it more compact and lighter and thereby achieve easy installation and maintenance.

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