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1.2L NA Gasoline Engine

The 1.2L NA gasoline engine is an improved engine manufactured on the basis of our SQR472. It also boasts straight four cylinders, 16 valves and DOHC. Although the displacement of this inline-four engine is only increased by 90ml, the power and torque are highly improved while the fuel consumption is also reduced.

This fuel efficient engine is suitable for ATV, UTV, minivan, minibus, small displacement passenger car as well as generator set. Chery QQ and Chery Youya 2 have enjoyed the prominence of the NA engine.

Technical Parameters of 1.2L NA Gasoline Engine
Code SQR472FC
Model 1.2L NA
Fuel Gasoline
Type 1.2L, L4, DOHC,16 Valves
Displacement (L) 1.173
Bore × Stroke (mm) 72×72
Compression Ratio 10
Rated Power (kW/rpm) 59/6000(80.3hp)
Max. Torque (Nm/rpm) 106/3500~4500
Specific Power(kW/L) 50.3
Overall Dimensions L×W×H(mm) 577×443×688
Weight(kg) 80
Emission Standard Euro IV
Inquriy Form