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481/484 Series Gasoline Engine (97kw-125kw)

Engine displacement of 484 series gasoline engine is 1.8-2.0 L. When coupled with Chery's manual transmission or continuously variable transmission, it could be installed on diverse passenger vehicles.


1. Advanced technologies
Gasoline direct injection (GDI)
Turbo compressor inlet (TCI)
Dynamic variable valve timing (DVVT)

2. Integrated technologies
High-pressure casted aluminum alloy cylinder
Integrated design for cooling and lubrication system
Integrated design for triton system

3. Technologies for components
Dual-mass flywheel (DMF)
Torsional vibration damper

4. Subsystem technologies
Mechanical supercharging system
Variable air-inlet system

484 series gasoline engine is mainly installed on following vehicles
Self-allocated vehicles
  • Self-allocated vehicles
  • Self-allocated vehicles

484 series gasoline engine is the first generation of ACTECO engine , which adopts lightweight design, electronic throttle control, roller rocker, turbocharging, gasoline direct injection and etc. Besides that, it has following characters, including fuel consumption, extremely long serving life and quite exo-friendly.

SQR484F and SQR484J engine of 481/484 series were ranked as "top ten engines in China".