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F Series Gasoline Engine (100kw-140kw)

F series gasoline engine is Chery's third generation of engine, which was developed in strict accordance with the requirements of the fourth auto fuel economy standards. The engine adopts the exhaust gas turbocharging, turbocharged gasoline direct injection (TGDI) and etc. In this way, the power per liter is no less than 87kW/L, and the torque per liter is no less than 183N.m/L. Meanwhile, its displacement well meet the EU6c standards.


1. Advanced technologies
Gasoline direct injection (GDI)
Turbo compressor inlet (TCI)
Dynamic variable valve timing (DVVT)

2. Integrated technologies
High-pressure casted aluminum alloy cylinder
Integrated design for cooling and lubrication system
Integrated design for triton system
Integrated exhaust manifold (IEM)

3. Technologies for components
Switched water pump
Variable displacement oil pump
Digital thermostat
Dual-mass flywheel (DMF)

4. Subsystem technologies
Starting and stopping technology
Silent timing chain
Intelligent generator

F series gasoline engine adopts advanced exhaust gas turbocharging technology and turbocharged gasoline direct injection (TGDI). Besides that, it also combines various integrated technologies together. Therefore, it's dynamic, fuel consumption, gasoline displacement all enjoy higher performance than the average level in this field. Moreover, F series gasoline engine's displacement well meets the EURO Ⅴ standard and is striving for meeting the EURO Ⅵ standards. Chery is warmly welcomes your consultation.