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Continuously Variable Transmission

The continuously variable transmission gearbox (CVT) is the first self-developed vehicle transmission by CHERY, which has reached an international advanced level.

1. Best-in-class Belt
This CVT gearbox comes with the latest thrust steel belt developed by German BOSCH. The belt features light weight, high transmission efficiency and great durability.

2. Split Type Hydraulic Valve
The whole hydraulic valve body employs split type that ensures compact structure, excellent reliability, low loss, etc.

3. Unique Control Strategy
Self-developed control strategy by CHERY assures the entire control system of quick response, great target following performance, high control accuracy, outstanding transmission efficiency, etc.

4. Hydraulic Torque Converter
Our continuously variable transmission adopts the popular hydraulic torque converter as its starting clutch. This torque converter also features locking function at low speed, thus ensuring remarkable starting comfort, high accelerated velocity and great climbing performance while keeping prominent fuel efficiency.