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Gasoline Engines for Chery Riich

Riich is one of passenger vehicle brands of CHERY, which is positioned in the middle and high end market. Since 2009, the Riich has been developed into 4 series and more than 20 types. These types of passenger car are mainly equipped with CHERY 481/484 series petrol engines and E series petrol engines.

Riich G3
    1. SQRE4G16 Petrol EngineDesigned with dual overhead camshaft (DOHC) and 16 valves, the internal combustion engine can run smoothly and efficiently. Additionally, timing silent chain, DVVT system and VLIM are utilized, ensuring low noise and high efficiency.
Riich G5
    1. SQR484B Petrol Engine Its displacement can reach 2.0L. Turbo charge inter-cooling technology (TCI) is specially employed, thus effectively improving fuel economy and reducing emission.
Riich G6
    1. SQR484B Petrol Engine The SQR484B petrol engine is an inline-four engine designed with 16 valves and double overhead camshafts. Its displacement can reach 2.0L.