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Passenger Vehicle Engine
    1. Gasoline Engines for Chery Vehicle Through independent innovation, CHERY has developed many models of passenger vehicles. All of these vehicles are equipped with CHERY's self-developed engines. Specific examples are shown below.
    1. Gasoline Engines for Chery Riich Riich is one of passenger vehicle brands of CHERY, which is positioned in the middle and high end market. Since 2009, the Riich has been developed into 4 series and more than 20 types. These types of passenger car are mainly equipped with CHERY 481/484 series petrol engines and E series petrol engines.
    1. Gasoline Engines for Chery Rely Our Rely brand passenger vehicles are all middle and high-end multi-purpose business vehicles. For example, the MPV Rely V5 is a high grade business car that is suitable for business elites to drive independently. The MPV Rely V8 is a large size business vehicle that is applicable to business reception for significant guests.
    1. Gasoline Engines for Chery Karry Karry automobile is one of the significant sub-brands of CHERY. It can be used as minivan and minibus. The most direct impressions to the user are more roomy interior space, larger loading capacity, more safety and more comfort. Now, this brand has owned a number of types, including YO-YO, YO-YA, YO-V, YO-KI, etc.

Found in 1997, CHERY is one of the most representative automobile manufacturers with proprietary brand in China. 17 years independent innovation helps CHERY create numerous renowned brands such as Chery Fulwin, QQ, Easter, Tiggo, Arrizo, etc. These vehicles have been exported to more than 80 countries and regions and have obtained high brand awareness. Till now, the total sales volume has reached over 4.3 million units. Among which, export amount is more than 0.89 million.

All models of CHERY vehicles employ self-developed engines. We have accumulated rich production experience and a large amount of after-sales service experience. In addition, we have recorded a great number of engine operational data. That will be conducive to the upgrade and improvement on passenger vehicle engines.