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CHERY ACTECO Engine Advantages

Six Advantages of ACTECO Engine
ACTECO is the first core component brand of CHERY with strategic significance. It is also the first internationalized and scale-operated automobile engine brand in China which owns proprietary intellectual property rights. From March 18, 2005 when ACTECO engine plant two was completed and started producing to the beginning of 2006 when the production capacity per month exceeded 30,000 units, CHERY is telling the world that we are here in China and we will lead the engine industry in the future to the best of our ability. The great achievement of ACTECO engines is unprecedented and owes greatly to its unbeatable advantages.

1. Seriation
ACTECO engine has achieved seriation in displacement, fuel and whole vehicle. Specifically, it covers wide range of displacement from 0.8L to 4.0L. According to displacement, it can be divided into five main series such 1.1L, 1.3L, 1.6L, 1.8L and 2.0L. In addition, based on fuel types, the ACTECO engine can be classified by petrol engine, diesel engine and other engine with flexible fuel and hybrid power. At present, ACTECO engine has become the core power of CHERY vehicles. Many CHERY existing automobiles such as Esatar, V5, A5, Tiggo, QQ6, etc. have been equipped with this engine.

2. Mass Production
Now, ACTECO engine owns an extremely high production capacity of 400,000 pieces per year. In the future, 0.5 million engines will be manufactured in a year. Mass production means high quality and low cost to the customer. To illustrate, since it is production in large volume, R&D team attaches great importance to technical index and quality index. Mass production can not be implemented unless the engineering sample has passed 3 million kilometers road test and 10,000 hours bench test according to the strictest standards of Europe and America. Therefore, high quality is undoubted. In addition, CHERY has brought in high level flexible production line in the world with about 200 units of CNC machining center which can produce 18 types of engine with various kinds and performances. Hence, production cost can be considerably reduced.

3. High Technology
CHERY ACTECO engine is a prominent fruit of high technology. For instance, some advanced technologies in engine manufacturing industry such as DVVT, CBR, TCI, DGI, TDCI, etc. has been utilized in our engines. These state-of-the-art technologies enable ACTECO engines to be greatly energy saving and environment friendly.

In addition, at the aspect of engine structural design, the combustion system has been fully optimized. To be specific, though optimizing cylinder block, combustion chamber, piston, crankshaft connecting rod and other parts, full combustion can be achieved when engine works and internal stress and frictional loss can be reduced correspondingly, thus improving fuel economy and high power performance.

4. Originality
ACTECO engine is a completely self-developed engine brand of CHERY. It owns complete proprietary intellectual property rights. During the process of research and development, CHERY implemented deep cooperation with Austria AVL, the world top internal combustion engine designer, and absorbed extensively the most advanced engine technologies. Therefore, the main technological standards of power, fuel consumption and emission have reached world first class level.

5. Maturity
Stable improvement of production capacity means that ACTECO engine has been mature. In addition, CHERY vehicles mounted with different displacement ACTECO engines have completely entered the market. These automobiles include Esatar, V5, A5, Tiggo and QQ6. They have won great recognition among domestic and overseas users.

6. Internationalization
As soon as ACTECO engine appeared in the market, it received high attention. At then time, there were many automobile dealers in different countries asking for importing ACTECO engines. Finally, we selected American markets where our engines can be completed proved.

In addition, FIAT Automobile signed supply agreement about ACTECO engines with CHERY. We offered 1.6L and 1.8L petrol engines used for the Fiat vehicles in China and other countries. Expected supplies will exceed 100,000 a year.

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